“The Coaching Connect website is an excellent resource for anybody who is not sure about coaching or they just want to find out a bit more, because it covers everything. I can’t praise it enough. I think it’s fantastic.”

Sarah Dawkins

Intro to 3Ps

What are the Three Principles? Why is this useful for coaches? Has psychology now found the principles behind the human experience?

These articles will give you an insight into the Three Principles.

Transition to 3Ps

Many coaches, NLPers and change-workers are transitioning to a principles-based approach. Discover how you can make the transition in a way that honours you and your clients. We speak to coaches who have shifted from a traditional approach to the 3Ps. We share ideas on how to avoid the pitfalls.

3Ps Community and Biz

3Ps Community and Biz

How is a principles-based approach being used in businesses and the community? The 3Ps approach is making a significant impact in projects across the world. This includes in schools, criminal justice, businesses and charities. Discover some of the ways it is being used.

Train as a Coach

Train as a 3Ps Coach

Would you like some help to choose the right 3P coaching or facilitator training? Coaching and facilitation is a rewarding career and it’s important to get it right. Let us help you navigate through some of the best training in the UK and across the world.

3 Principles Resources

3Ps Resources

We share some of the best articles, blogs and resources that are available to the coaches exploring a 3P approach. How do you get hold of Sydney Banks books and recordings? We will point you in the right direction.

From the Blog

Week 2 – Owley Gate walk

Nature is a real mirror for life. A walk across Dartmoor can inspire deep reflection. In this week’s walk Liz takes a stroll to one of the gates leading onto Dartmoor. Owley Gate is a couple of miles from Moorhaven. It’s on the lower moor and with a mist coming down on the higher moor, Liz realises this is a good option for this week’s walk

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Latest Articles

Mary Schiller – PTSD and the 3Ps

Mary Schiller experienced years of therapy for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after experiencing an abusive relationship. When she came across the Three Principles her whole life changed. Liz Scott met up with Mary in a New York diner to find out about her story.

Elsie Spittle – 3P Coaching

What does a Three Principles coach actually ‘do’? What is it like as you transition from traditional coaching to the Three Principles? Liz Scott visited went to the Three Principles School on Salt Spring Island and met up with Elsie Spittle.