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“The Coaching Connect website is an excellent resource for anybody who is not sure about coaching or they just want to find out a bit more, because it covers everything. I can’t praise it enough. I think it’s fantastic.”

Sarah Dawkins

Tips for Coaches

Are you a new coach? Would you like help finding a training course or starting up in business? There are lots of ideas tools and techniques for all coaches. Why not look at our ideas on working with values, time management or delegation?

We are here to support you as you develop as a coach – whatever stage of the journey you are on.

Coaching in Business

Businesses and organisations are discovering the power of coaching. It can be an essential tool for managers and leaders. Discover how your business can develop a coaching culture. Find out how Belbin, MBTI and Open Space Technology and can support your teams. You can also get some ideas about delivering team days using a coaching style.

Coaching Connect in Schools

In Schools

Schools that are developing a coaching culture are noticing the impact on active and independent learning. If you would like your school community to access creative thinking then coaching is a great tool. Discover how children are becoming coaches and how you can develop a coaching culture.

Train as a Coach

Train as a Coach

Would you like some help to choose the right coaching training course? Coaching is a rewarding career and it’s important to get the right training.

Let us help you navigate through the myriad of coaching training and find something of value for you.

Coaching Connect 3 Principles coaching

3 Principles Coaching

Discover how the three principles can transform you as a coach and your clients too. The Three Principles points to a simple, spiritual truth that brings a richness of meaning to our lives. What are the three principles? How can coaches transition to become a three principles coach?

From the Blog

Self-publishing for coaches

There has never been a better time to self-publish a coaching book. PR Coach and author Alison Theaker explains more. Self-publishing Many coaches want to write and publish a book. If you’d like to write a coaching book and submit it to a publisher then read this... read more

Latest Articles

What Is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a unique and powerful problem solving tool. It is a dynamic process of learning and reflection, supported by a trained facilitator and a small group, or ‘set’, of other professionals. In Action Learning you work on your own projects and...

6 Steps To Delegation

Delegation and coaching go hand in hand. If you want to develop as a leader then it’s vital to hone the art of delegation. Here are 6 steps to successful delegation


Using the Belbin Team Roles theory is a dream when working with teams. It’s simple to use and very easy to understand. Belbin is a non-threatening way to look at strengths and weaknesses. The Benefits of Belbin After using Belbin teams appreciate the different...
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